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The self-declaration SIS/TS 2 in English

SIS/TS 2 is based on the standard SS EN ISO 26000:2021 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Experts from the Swedish committee SIS/TK 478 Social responsibility have drafted the document. It aims to contribute to the SDGs and makes it possible for all types of organizations to describe the operative sustainability work that they perform with the aim of maximizing their contributions to sustainable development and to the SDGs.

A person who reads an organization’s self-declaration will understand:

- The organization’s processes for proactive work on sustainability
- How the organization works to maximize its contribution to sustainable development in society.

As SS‑EN ISO 26000:2021, is one of the guidelines for sustainability work with the broadest acceptance internationally, and we hope that this self-declaration will be a useful tool for many organizations both for Swedish organizations with an international arena and for organizations outside Sweden.

The requirements and questions in this document have been designed so that an organization using the document demonstrates the following:

- that it has used the guidelines in SS‑EN ISO 26000:2021 to strengthen its social responsibility
- that the organization maximize its contribution to the SDGs
- how it has done this work.

The aim with this document is to:

1) identify
2) evaluate
3) prioritize strategic focus areas for the organization’s social responsibility (social, economic and environmental impact)
4) stake out a clear direction for the involvement, a direction supported by the SDGs.

This may concern minimizing negative impact, reinforcing strengths and maximizing positive impact.

Using this document does not entail any restrictions regarding which other guidelines, standards or guidance may be used. The guidelines an organization selects for its work on sustainability can be determined through an assessment of stakeholders’ expectations and requirements.

A completed self-declaration provides an opportunity for third-party verification under SIS/TS 3:2021 and can be used in the work on sustainability reporting.

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Social responsibility - Maximizing the contribution to sustainable development - Self-declaration

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